Frequently Asked Questions

Poured cuvettes, overflow in the washing station

Washer header partially blocked with fibrin or dirtiness. Remove the washer lid, disconnect the tubing and use a syringe or a thin wire to unblock the capillary. Connect the tubings and check proper washing and flushing. Once solved, wash the outside of the cuvettes and calibrate.

Cuvettes filled with cristals or remains of reagent

Reactions unwashed from the day before, the evaporation of the reaction leaves cristals in the top. Wash cuvettes, check if replacement is necessary. Programmed washing time can be modify to avoid user cancelling it and preventing this from happening again.

Water overflow from the front side of the analyzer

Funnel waste tubing is not placed straight downwards, generating an overflow at the wash station. Torn membrane of flushing diaphragm pump due to lack of maintenance. Replace.

Cooling tray isn’t working or is working only in one half of the tray

If not working at all, most likely colector harness wire is damaged (DCN032) replace. If its working on one side of the tray, probably one damaged cooler or peltier. Check the system.

Missing reaction tray

Missing name for reagent tray creating a faulty file. Set the tray, write a name in the name field and save.

Reagent blank absorbance close to 4

Inverted reagents (reagent 1 where 2 should be and viceversa) at any point: reagent container, methods settings or reagent tray programming

Processing error

Log file must be verified, but normally is due to missing characters in the communication between analyzer and computer. Avoid using USB to RS232 converter.

Probe goes up doing a loud noise and doesn’t go down to pick up reagents or samples.

The noise is normal, because it Works at a different frequence, that’s why it sounds louder. It is caused by humidity inside the probe because of lack of lacquer in the union between the black cover and the white cone. Place the probe in a tube filled with alcohol, remove and leave to dry 30 minutes, then apply lacquer in the mentioned union. If necessary replace probe.





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