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Diconex SA is a company dedicated to design, develop, produce and market clinical chemistry analyzers, used mainly by hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics and laboratories, scientific research center, human laboratories, wine and food laboratories.

We also have experience to provide the best after-sales service, assisting to our partners in every step.

Since our inception in 2004 we operate under a Quality Management System certified according to the requirements of ISO standards as well as our products comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP) established by ANMAT in addition to CE, FDA and SFDA certification.

Autoanalyzers brand produced by Diconex is InCCA - Intelligent Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The satisfaction of our customers drives us to continue improving day after day facing new challenges as well as new markets, this allows us to offer an excellent product in price - benefit Diconex is able to offer high quality products and service due to our extensive experience.

Diconex welcome OEM inquiries and cooperation. According to this concept (OEM) we provide excellent and full service where you will be able to promote your own branded products.

Analyzer and software will be customized with you own logos, icons and labels giving you a more competitive product.

Some cabinet parts could be colored according to your design.

Diconex is actively looking for cooperation with other companies


Diconex is a company dedicated to manufacture high quality products with competitive price in the IVD industry, always keeping in mind the final link in the chain: the patient, our work is committed to care about the patient from the beginning of the manufacture process of our products, we are continuously working responsibly to assure the improvement of quality in our products, providing our customers security and peace of mind.

besides offering an excellent product that positions us in the area every day, Diconex also seeks to provide its full contribution of experience in order to walk along with users in every step of the process. Philosophy: Committed to our customers, our goal is to go from being a specialized manufacturer of high-tech equipment to become long-term partners of our clients, uniting with their purposes and success.

Corporate values
Continuous technological growth in order to achieve desired development and excellence standards. Quality in all of the products and services we develop, manufacture and commercialize. Professionalism by constant training, educating and guiding of our staff. Service and support during the complete business process and after sale. Customer and partners satisfaction Advocates responsibly for the final user "our patients"

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